Arcam ABI wrote previously about Arcam AB (AMAVF) and their new/improved EBM technology under development in:



Apparently I’m not the only one who finds Arcam’s new/improved EBM technology attractive.

In a new report from GE , it’s stated that:

“The gun is 10 times more powerful than laser beams currently used for printing metal parts. This boost in power allows Avio, which is part of GE Aviation, to build blades from layers of powder that are more than four times thicker than those used by laser-powered 3D printers.”


“One machine can produce eight stage 7 blades for the low pressure turbine that goes inside the GEnx jet engine in just 72 hours.”

So, what’s next for Arcam? I believe 3D Printing Titanium Aluminide Turbochargers is still to come.

Arcam is a stock investors in 3D printing should keep a close eye on. If Arcam’s technology is being adopted by GE and subsidiary Avio Aero,  then I expect orders of significant size to be forthcoming from several players in the high value metals space.


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