Little-known Swedish 3D Printing company Arcam AB has operations in Europe, the US, and Asia, and operates exclusively in precision 3D printing of high grade metals used in the aerospace and orthopedic/medical industries.   Arcam AB released their first half 2013 financial report on Friday and the results were impressive.   For the first half of 2013, Arcam AB reported an… Continue reading

      Sigma Labs (SGLB) has been invited to speak as a panelist at The Additive/Aerospace Summit in Los Angeles October 16-18, 2013. This news was posted on their Facebook page at about 5PM today. Keynote speakers representing  GE Global Research, GE Aviation, Northrop Grumman, Boeing, Airbus, and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab will be on hand.… Continue reading

There are three very exciting and very different 3D printing companies for aggressive, high-growth investors to consider. They are ExOne, (XONE), Arcam AB (AMAVF) and Sigma Labs (SGLB).  These three companies are focused exclusively on the fastest-growing segment of the 3D printing industry, which is the printing of high-grade metal components.  This article will look at projected future growth of… Continue reading

This article is courtesy of Design2Part Magazine, a publication that: “Helps OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) find solutions to tough manufacturing problems”. It explains the value of Sigma Labs (SGLB) and their PrintRite3D technology used in 3D printing of metal parts from an engineering standpoint, and why it could be game-changing.   It is a follow-up to an… Continue reading