Makism 3D Corp.Makism 3D Corp. (MDDD) Acquires Umicron…appears to be entering the 3D printing space.

Makism 3D Corp.
Update 11/7/2013 :  Makism 3D Corp. Launches Web Site:

Caution advised: MDDD has not generated any sales


Umicron is a 3D printer manufacturer based in Cambridge, United Kingdom whose stated mission is to design and build “The most desirable consumer and professional level 3D printers.”

In a filing with the SEC yesterday (11/4/2013) by the acquiring company Makism 3D Coroporation (MDDD), it was reported:

On October 29, 2013 (the “Closing Date”), Makism 3D Corp. (f/k/a Advanced Cellular, Inc.), a Nevada corporation (the “Registrant,” “Company” or “MDDD”) entered into and consummated a voluntary share exchange transaction with Umicron Ltd., a private limited company organized under the laws of England and Wales (“Umicron”), and the shareholders of Umicron (“Selling Shareholders”) pursuant to a Stock Exchange Agreement (the “Exchange Agreement”) by and among the Company, Umicron, and the Selling Shareholders.Makism 3D Corp.

In accordance with the terms of Exchange Agreement, on the Closing Date, the Registrant issued 30,000,000 shares of its common stock to the Selling Shareholders in exchange for 100% of the issued and outstanding capital stock of Umicron (the “Exchange Transaction”). As a result of the Exchange Transaction, the Selling Shareholders acquired approximately 50.67% of our issued and outstanding common stock, Umicron became our wholly-owned subsidiary, and the Registrant acquired the business and operations of Umicron.Makism 3D Corp.
Makism 3D Corp.
Quoted from yesterday’s SEC filing by Makism 3D Corp:
Our strategy is to position ourselves early in the 3D printing market as a brand known for high quality manufacturing.  Additionally, we plan to target the home user market in 2014, with a mass produced product that we believe will meet consumers’ needs and expectations.
Makism 3D Corp.
We believe our competitive advantages include:
Makism 3D Corp.
•Design for manufacture – scalable business model that can respond quickly to market changes;
•Innovative ‘wide’ design not seen before;•Early innovator within proposed market segment;
•Lightweight design allows for global shipping and penetration of key international markets;
•We can afford more innovation by not concerning ourselves with mass cheap production;
•Early targeting of an unsaturated market between the low end ($1,200) and high end ($10,000);
•Able to compete at the low end of the market by providing a machine capable of better prints;
•Cheaper alternative to higher cost commercial printers;
•Well-situated geographically to obtain quality British and German components;
•We have the flexibility to move suppliers at any time at relatively little cost. 
Makism 3D Corp.
Makism 3D Corp.
•Wideboy personal 3D printerA mid-range personal desktop 3D printer for the consumer, low-cost professional and education markets. Wideboy will feature professional grade features at an affordable price
Makism 3D Corp

•Temperature controlled build environment

Whereby the enclosed build area is maintained at a constant temperature set by the user.

•High temperature dual extruder configuration

A dual extruder configuration whereby the extruder can reach temperatures needed for extrusion of high-temperature thermoplastics.

•Bio-compatible extruder using syringe based methods

An extruder configuration compatible with organic matter such as food stuffs (pastes).

•Professional grade laser sintering device

A commercial-grade 3D printer that uses selective laser sintering technology.  Compatible with metals and resins. The machine will take form of a white goods appliance and will be designed for advanced home, workshop and commercial-use.

•3D scanning applications and integrations

A method or configuration of incorporating 3D scanning technology into our product line of 3D printing applications

Makism 3D Corp.

User friendly host software

3D printer host software that improves a user’s interaction and experience with a 3D printer using popular computing devices such as tablets, smart phone and laptop computers.

•Web-based repository for printable 3D files

An online database for high quality, useful 3D printable files available for free or at cost.

•Packaged filament supplies

A universal filament cartridge for use with any Umicron branded 3D printer. The cartridge will be moisture sealed and may contain moving parts.

•Filament cartridge loading system

A method of automating the material replenishment process within a 3D printer whereby disposable cassettes reduce the need for human interaction during the replenishment process.

Makism 3D Corp.

Advantages of Wideboy product

•Fully enclosed injection molded design;

•Temperature controlled print environment;

•User-friendly interface;

•Fast warm-up;

•Compatibility with high temperature thermoplastics;

•High quality, bespoke components;

•Dual extrusion;

•3 Year warranty;

•Support and returns infrastructure;

•Planned certification  – CE and FCC;

•Design for manufacture.


At this point there is very little information available for me to make an informed investment decision regarding Makism 3D Corp. (MDDD). This is an acquisition of a development stage company with no sales and a management team in their 20s.

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Disclosure: I have taken a very small position in MDDD out of curiosity and my tendency to invest in everything 3D printing.

Disclaimer: Due to the many unknowns about the company at present, I recommend investors seek advice from an investment professional prior to making any investment in Makism 3D Coproration. See sidebar for full disclaimer.

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