Graphene 3D Lab logoGraphene 3D Lab Ready to Commercialize Graphene-Enhanced Filaments for 3D Printing

In news released this morning, Graphene 3D Lab Inc. (web site), tickers: (GGG.V) and (GPHBF) announced the company has a production capacity of up to 10 kg per hour of 3D printer filament and successfully assembled an industrial scale thermoplastic extruder line to be used in the production of conductive graphene filaments. Sales of conductive graphene filament are expected to begin before the end of March.

The move from pure R&D to revenue generation is an obvious milestone for the Graphene 3D Lab. Moreover, I believe retail commercialization of graphene-enhanced filaments is a milestone for the 3D printing industry.

It’s very early in the graphene/3D printing space and you won’t find much information out there on the potential graphene has to cause an increase in demand for consumer grade 3D printers. That said, I believe graphene filaments for use in existing 3D printers will not only be in high demand, they will drive demand for consumer grade 3D printers higher. Consumer grade 3D printer demand is driven by price, ease of use, and the availability of new materials that expands 3D printing of objects with unique and extraordinary properties.

I expect graphene-enhanced filaments to be in high demand given the combination of benefits derived when combining the benefits of 3D printing with the inherent properties of graphene:

Graphene 3D Lab graphene and 3D printing


Graphene 3D Lab also has a trademark registration for their new product line described as “Carbon nanoparticles for use in 3D printing; graphene; graphene materials for use in 3D printing; filaments for use in 3D printing.”

I believe now, as I did when the company began trading last year, that the potential for a joint venture(s) with larger players related to graphene materials in the 3D printing space is very high. Being first to market in industrial-scale production of graphene-enhanced filaments now increases that potential.

Graphene 3D Lab is by far my largest personal investment in 3D printing related stocks, and I’m looking forward to an exciting and profitable future in that investment.

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Disclosure: I am long shares of Graphene 3D Lab. See additional disclosure in 8/11/14 article

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