Graphene 3D Lab

Investors in the United States can now buy shares of Graphene 3D Lab Inc. (web site) on the OTC market. The company’s shares are now registered in the U.S. and will begin trading today on the OTC QB exchange with ticker GPHBF.

The Letter of Introduction for Graphene 3D in accordance with the standards for trading on OTCQB has been made by Euro Pacific Capital, a qualified Principal American Liaison.

In the news release on U.S trading, CEO Daniel Stolyarov stated:

As a U.S. based company, trading on the OTCQB is a natural step in the growth of Graphene 3D. Graphene 3D is at a pivotal stage in its development, and with the assistance of Euro Pacific Capital we look forward to increasing awareness of the company to a broader U.S. shareholder base. We believe that Euro Pacific’s ability to broaden the company’s access to both current and prospective U.S. shareholders will be key to our continued growth. We also believe that all shareholders will benefit from Euro Pacific’s access to a larger number of retail and institutional investors.

Shares in Graphene 3D Lab have strongly outperformed all other 3D printing stocks since trading began on August 11 as this chart shows.


Graphene 3D Lab


I believe the positive performance of Graphene 3D Lab shares will continue. Revenue from their proprietary, patent-pending graphene-enhanced 3D printing material will begin “in 3-6 months” according to this news release last week, making Graphene 3D Lab a very early mover in the commercialization of graphene materials for 3D printing.

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