Electrically Conductive FilamentsIn news this morning New York-based Graphene 3D Lab (GPHBF), (GGG.V) announced that electrically conductive filaments for 3D printing are now for Electrically Conductive Filamentssale (press release).

The filament is compatible with most commercially available 3D printers and can be used to print conductive traces within 3D printed parts for electronics.

Sales are being launched via the company’s new web site at BlackMagic3D.com. You can also follow BlackMagic3D on Twitter @ https://twitter.com/BlackMagic_3D

The availability of electrically conductive filament for 3D printing on a commercial scale could be an industry-changing event that could ultimately drive sales of consumer grade 3D printers higher.  Consider the possibilities that can now become reality when you combine the benefits of 3D printing with the amazing properties of graphene:

Graphene 3D Lab graphene and 3D printing

Electrically conductive filaments be the “killer app” that 3D printing needs to spur much higher consumer adoption.

In addition to the launch of electrically conductive filaments at BlackMagic3D.com Graphene 3D Lab has a busy year planned. The company is developing a multi-material 3D printer as well as 3D printed batteries and it remains my pick for “The Best 3D Printing Stock to Buy Now“.

See investor presentation for corporate goals/timeline.


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