In a post I made earlier this morning I wrote that apparently Garphene 3D Lab (GPHBF) / (GGG.V) has 3D printed a cell phone.

This was based on a quote in Wired magazine’s subsidiary “The Connective“, in which the writer had made a mistake.

The article I quoted from can be read here.

Quoting from the article:

“While existing technology makes printing electronic components such as resistors or wires possible, says Dr. Elena Polyakova, chief operating officer of Graphene 3-D Lab, it stops short of a fully connected circuit with energy storage. With the new filaments, she says, “you can embed wires inside of 3-D printed objects [to] make simple batteries.” The company, which has successfully printed a simple cell phone, is currently manufacturing 1-2 kilos per day of graphene composite filaments and is scaling up production.”

I checked my sources connected with the company to confirm this…and there was apparently some miscommunication that I need to correct.

Graphene 3D Lab is has NOT 3D printed a cell phone, despite what the article cited above reports.


I have taken a screen capture of the article as well:



I have always done my best to be as accurate as I possibly can be and have removed the post related to Graphene 3D Lab 3D printing a cell phone which was based on information available to the public and was a direct quote from the article.


Gary Anderson



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