PyroGenesis CanadaWhile I’ll still be writing about 3D printing stocks in the future, there are some great non-3D printing stocks out there that I would like to share on occasion.

At my sister site (, I focus on small and microcap stocks with strong, near term positive catalysts that drive share prices significantly higher over a period of days-weeks.

During 2015, the average pick at MicrocapResearch gained just over 100% in the days-weeks following articles I wrote…all featuring companies with near term catalysts.

My March pick was Oasmia Pharmaceutical (OASM). See article: Oasmia Pharmaceutical (OASM): Grossly Undervalued + Multiple Near Term Catalysts = Strong BUY).

OASM shares closed at $2.96 on the day of my article (March 7th) and closed yesterday at $4.70, for a gain of 58.8 % in just under a month.

Here’s what’s next: American Brewing Company (ABRW) at .40/share

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This tiny organic, healthy beverage company ($6 million market cap) has attracted one of the world’s top corporate executives in the food and beverage industry as the new CEO.  I spoke with him about what attracted him to such a tiny company and his response speaks volumes about the company’s products and new focus.

ABRW has a clean balance sheet and turned cash flow positive in their most recently reported quarter. It’s a great high growth story in a booming healthy beverage market with a great product that has attracted an industry leader (who could go anywhere) to take over as the new CEO.  I think ABRW could be one of the best performing stocks of 2016 based on forward growth.

So if you missed out on the 58% gain with OASM, check out my new pick, American Brewing Company (ABRW).

Read:  American Brewing Company (ABRW) Revamps for High Growth in Booming Functional Beverage Market


Best wishes for profitable trading!

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