3D Printing Will Rock the World is now available for purchase here on Amazon  just in time for Santa, and the Kindle version will be available soon.

The book is an excellent read for any investor in the space and I highly recommend it.

I’ve had the pleasure of hearing the author, John Hornick, speak at multiple 3D printing conferences, and his knowledge of the industry and trends is encyclopedic. John Hornick has been widely published and is the only IP attorney selected by the National Academies to participate in the US Comptroller General Forum on Additive Manufacturing (which was the basis of a report to the US Congress), and is a juror for the International Additive Manufacturing Award.

3D printing will rock the world



3D Printing Will Rock the World is a book about technological innovation and business, and how 3D printers will change the world in many ways.  It will interest:

  • the business reader who wants to know how 3D printing may affect manufacturing, product design, where things are made, the jobs market, how companies do business, and how it may be misused
  • the general reader and average consumer who is curious about 3D printing, especially parents, whose kids will help drive the adoption of this technology
  • Makers, who already believe that 3D printers will help change the world
  • potential investors, who want to learn about this technology and its potential



Industry leaders have this to say about 3D Printing Will Rock the World:

“A lucid and comprehensive account of the burgeoning field of 3D printing—the technologies, and their implications. Hornick makes a compelling case for why this technology can’t be ignored. A must-read for anyone who wants to see beyond the horizon.”—Hod Lipson, coauthor, Fabricated: The New World of 3D Printing

“Hornick explores an exciting possible future where 3D printing has changed the way we design, make, and interact with the world. This book is a great compendium of 3D printing as it is today and what it may become tomorrow.”—Michael Weinberg, former vice president, Public Knowledge/General Counsel, Shapeways

“Hornick has written a terrific and much needed guide and explanation on the uses and possibilities of 3D Printing.”—Alan Meckler, Meckler Media, producer of Inside 3D Printing Conferences and Trade Shows

“John has assembled a comprehensive assessment of this rapidly growing technology and offers rare insight into how 3D printing is redefining what can be designed and manufactured, spawning new products and markets that we have yet to imagine.”—Ed Morris, vice president and director, America Makes—The National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute

Full of real-world examples based on extensive research, illustrated, and with over 600 endnotes, 3D Printing Will Rock the World explains where this technology stands today and where it is going, and how everything will change when you can make anything.

Simply put, 3D Printing Will Rock the World will make you a better informed investor in the 3D printing space while guiding you through the present realities and future potential of the technology. 


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