3D Printing And Technology Fund Outperforming Large Pure Play 3D Printing Stocks

As the well known pure play 3D printing stocks continue to make new lows and end of year tax loss selling in many of these stocks is upon us, I thought I’d check my balance in the 3D Printing and Technology Fund (see web site) which launched earlier this year.

This is a long term investment for me, so I don’t check my balance often. In fact, this was the first time in months for me to log into my account there.

Given the weakness in the large pure play 3DP stocks, I braced myself for a big decline in my account balance. I was pleasantly surprised to see my balance wasn’t nearly the train wreck I was prepared for and immediately processed an electronic funds transfer to double my position in the fund.

The chart below pretty much tells the story.

3D Printing and Technology Fund chart

I wrote about the 3D Printing and Technology Fund when it was Morningstar’s #1 performing fund back in July (see article) and concluded:

For investors looking to “leave the driving” to fund managers that have an insider’s access to the industry and to diversify their 3D printing portfolio, TDPNX may be the ultimate fit.

I guess I forgot about that statement when I was logging in to check my account balance today!

The fund not only spreads risk across the 3D printing industry, it invests in high tech stocks outside of 3D printing. GE and ALGN are two of the funds top ten holdings in the fund’s most recent fact sheet.

The fund is managed by the father and son team of Alan and John Meckler who are well known in the 3D printing industry. As many reading this may already know, Alan Meckler is also the CEO of MecklerMedia Corp. (MECK), the producer of the Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo events worldwide.

No wonder my 3D Printing and Technology Fund account balance was a pleasant surprise when I checked it today.

Coming soon: An update on Graphene 3D Lab (GGG.V / GPHBF)

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