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NYSE Organovo Holdings
Organovo Holdings (ONVO), which has been trading on the OTC market since February of last year will begin trading on the New York Stock Exchange today, July 11, 2013.

This will be a historic date in the company’s timeline, evolution, and forward progress.          NYSE Organovo Holdings

Organovo develops 3D bioprinting technology for creating functional human tissues on demand for research and medical applications. Currently, Organovo prints assays of tissue that pharmaceutical companies use to test their products.  Their 3D NovoGen bioprinting technology works across various tissue and cell types and allows for the placement of cells in a desired pattern. The company also offers NovoGen MMX Bioprinter, a commercial hardware and software bioprinter platform used to create tissues for bioprinting research and development. Organovo was founded in 2007 and is based in San Diego, California. The company currently has 64.69M shares outstanding with insiders owning about 30% of that, leaving a trading float of about 47M shares.

Organovo’s goal is to build living human tissue that functions like native tissue, and they appear to be moving toward that goal quite rapidly.  In April, the company announced that they had achieved excellent function in fully cellular bioprinted 3D human liver tissue.

This is a fascinating and futuristic company with valuable patent applications and an impressive management team.  A good bioprinting resource is on British futurist  Christopher Barnatt’s web site, which includes a discussion of Organovo Holdings as the leader in this technology.

This Organovo corporate profile video gives a good overview of the company and their technology.       NYSE Organovo Holdings

NYSE organovo holdings

Advantages of Trading on the New York Stock Exchange

Because Organovo is now trading on the NYSE, they will be exposed to a large pool of potential new retail investors who rarely or never buy OTC or pink sheet stocks.  ONVO shares will become available for those who use margin accounts for long or short positions, as well as eventual options trading.

More significantly, the stock can now be purchased by a broad range of large institutional investors- including banks, insurance companies, retirement or pension funds, hedge funds, investment advisors and mutual funds.

Institutional participation in Organovo Holdings as of the last reported quarter were at best, meager.

Organovo Holdings Top Institutional Holdings by Shares Held


Reporting Date

Total Holdings

Position Value

Outstanding Shares Owned

Wellington Shields Capital Management





Glenmede Trust Company





Central Trust & Investment Company





Investors can reasonably expect institutional participation in the company to rise dramatically going forward from these levels.


This all brings added liquidity to the stock, which is positive from both a trading and an investment perspective. There is well documented international research supporting a strong association between stock liquidity and firm value in this PDF file. This research demonstrates the positive effects of added stock liquidity on a company's value that was statistically significant across 44 sample countries, and is particularly strong for developed markets.

Shares in the company rose from $4.09 on June 10, when I wrote that "Organovo is One to Watch" due to the benefits of uplisting to close yesterday at $5.40, a rise of over 30% in one month.

I believe Organovo has a very bright future as a leader in the fascinating arena of 3D bioprinting technology, and I expect ONVO shares to perform well on their new home, the NYSE.


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NYSE Organovo Holdings

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