Additive manufacturing has become more affordable over the past several years. Otherwise known as 3D printing, it has now become more viable to create three-dimensional objects out of a digital file. So how are people using 3D printing today?

1) Food Creation

The idea of printing food might sound absurd. However, 3D printing isn’t that much different from the process of decorating cakes. Both use layers of material and place them one by one. A popular material for 3D printing is chocolate. It all begins with a digital design, which a software then divides into layers.

Afterward, the 3D printer begins to create the chocolate creation. But chocolate isn’t the only edible material being used. Companies have also used burger patties, cookie dough, and ice cream. Edible 3D printing helps create more complex food creations at a faster rate.

Even if you don’t have your own 3D printer, you can create designs on your other devices. It’s important to safeguard your own creations, so it’s best to learn how to connect iPad to a VPN if you intend to use your tablet — and the same goes for using PCs and laptops.

2) Musical Instruments

Another unlikely field that 3D printing has entered is the music industry. The additive manufacturing technology allows for the creation of custom-fitted earphones and headsets. Likewise, companies can also print speakers and physical records — but the sound quality needs improvement.

As for musical instruments themselves, the idea is alluring for how it can lower the overall cost. Any missing or broken parts can be made in a more affordable manner. In addition, 3D printing gives artists a lot of room for creativity. People can experiment with totally new guitar designs.

For example, Professor Olaf Diegel has made high-quality, customizable guitars through 3D printing. There’s no problem with playing chords or using your fingers. Similarly, Eric Goldemberg, Veronica Zalcberg, and Scott F. Hall worked together to create a guitar that features a fretless neck and a slide-to-play design.

3) Houses and Other Structures

3D printing can increase in scale with the help of massive printers. The ability to create entire structures within a matter of days is sure to disrupt the construction industry. In act, a startup known as Icon promises to manufacture a house in just a day.

The total square feet of the house is at 800 square feet, but the size is sure to grow as 3D printers become bigger. Plus, the cost is cheaper since the company only needs to hire engineers.

A 3D-printed house can cost as low as $4,000. Like any other home, it’s made out of cement, sand, and other traditional construction materials. Governments can tap into this and use it to quickly rebuild homes after a disaster.

With so many real-world applications, 3D printing will surely get the attention of more companies and government in the years to come.