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Gary Anderson (pen name).
Born, raised and educated in Upstate New York, I began investing at the age of 18. This started as an “expensive hobby” where I tended to lose money until I studied classics like Benjamin Graham’s The Intelligent Investor and Raymond Suutari’s Business Strategy and Security Analysis. I began pouring over SEC filings to get the real story on a company and frequently utilized William O’Neil’s CAN-SLIM® valuation method.  As a result, I experienced increasing success in my investing as a hobby in my mid-20s. contact Gary Anderson

My former career was in the healthcare industry where I held management positions up to director level for both profit and not-for-profit hospitals. While working on my MBA in Health Care Management, being on call 24/7, and attending meetings that seemed both never-ending and unproductive, I realized I was much happier when I was researching and investing in stocks. I was also making more money in my investments- which made the decision to change direction to invest full time easy. I’m now living in beautiful, sunny Florida as I pursue my passion: researching and writing about the 3D printing industry and 3D printing stocks.

Focus in 3D Printing Stocks

I speak with the management of companies and other industry experts whenever possible. I often target newer, undiscovered yet legitimate players for my research and articles because I believe they have greater potential for share price appreciation as the broader market discovers them. I’m a proponent of fundamental analysis but will also invest based on what I believe are likely positive forward events for a company going out 3-6 months as well. Often the potential forward event will outweigh a company’s fundamentals for me when timing entry. I’m among the “Top 100 3D Printing Innovators to Follow” for 2013 and was a panelist on investing in 3D printing at the “Inside 3D Printing Conference” in NYC April 2-4, 2014. I presented Alternative 3D Printing Stocks You Should Meet at the Melbourne, Australia “Inside 3D Printing Conference” July 9-10.

Focus in Small and Microcap Stocks

In December 2014, I launched MicrocapResearch.com, a site devoted to uncovering the best small and microcap stocks for investors to consider. With my partner, Harris Shapiro, we write about stocks with $100 million-$500 million market capitalizations, that are fully SEC compliant and current in reporting. We are extremely selective in the microcap companies we cover (no grey market stocks, no death spiral dilutions, no junk). We present companies that have positive forward events that we believe will lead to share price appreciation in a 3-6 month time frame and our picks and performance are publicly documented.


Feel free to contact me…Contact for Gary Aderson  3Dprintingstocks.com

— If you want or need a research article written on a company in 3D printing or 3D scanning.  My articles have been published on SeekingAlpha.com, Engineering.com,  3DPrinter.net, 3DPrintingIndustry.com, and Agora Financial

—  If you are a private company in 3D printing seeking capital.

— If you have a tip or news on a 3D printing stock to share with readers

— If you are interested in exploring partnership/development opportunities in the 3D printing space

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